Connecting Classrooms Funding

Apply now for Connecting Classrooms funding for your school partnership. The last grant application round under the current programme is open for applications now and would encourage all schools seeking funding support for their school partnerships to submit your application by the deadline of 30 January 2015.

Remembering the Blessings of Allah SWT

Don’t say “0k”
Say “In sha Allah”

Don’t say “wow”
Say “SubhanAllah”

Don’t say “great”
Say “Masha Allah”

Don’t say “I am fine”
Say “Allahamdulillah”

Don’t say “Thanks”
Say “Jazakallahu Khair”

Don’t say “Take care bye”
Say “Fee Amanillah”

Don’t say “Hello”
Say “Assalamu alaikkum Warahmatullah”

A Beautiful Duaa for
Thanking Allah for Every

Allah Humma a’inni ala
zikrika wa Shukrika wa
husni ibadatika’

Imagine How many
People will
If you Repost it

Eid Milaad Ul Nabi

As in previous years Muslim’s in Peterborough will be commemorating the Eid Milaad Ul Nabi (The Birth of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH) on Saturday 3rd January 2015, this year’s procession will commence after Zohr Prayers (1.00pm) from Jamia Ghousia Mosque and end at Faizan E Madina Mosque where renowned scholars will give an insight into the Life of our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) and his teachings.

Commons Vote Recognising State of Palestine

Press Release

This week a vote took place in the House of Commons on Palestine.  That vote was whether Palestine should be recognised as an independent state.

I am proud that Grahame Morris, the Labour MP for Easington put forward the motion and that it had the backing of our leader Ed Miliband who had said at the start of his leadership in 2010 that Israel should recognise the Palestinian right to statehood. Continue reading

Eid Ul Adha

Insha Allah the Prayers Times for Eid on 5th October 2014 are:

Faizan E Madina Mosque, 175 Gladstone Street, Peterborough PE1 2BN

First Jama’h – 8.30am

Second Jama’h – 9.45am

Jamia Ghousia Mosque, 406 Gladstone Street, Peterborough PE1 2BZ

First Jama’h – 9.00am

Second Jama’h – 10.00am

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